The Brown House Chapter 1

It’s 4:30 and she’s still not here. Marques spoke into his phone. Marques give her 15 more minutes to show it’s her routine, call if she doesn’t show. Alright, Damarcus. When marques hung up she walked in (counter) welcome to Coney’s Coffee where your coffee is fresh never old, what can I get you? Ashley ordered I’ll just have a cappuccino. Marques stood with his coffee as Ashley was heading to a table and marques purposely bumped into Ashley spilling the drink on her. Oh My God! Ashley screamed and Marques handed her a napkin Ashley snatched it, watch where you’re going next time. she sat down at a table and wiped herself off with the napkin then got on her phone. Marques smiled and went back to his table. Ashley was laughing on the phone and Marques got a little jealous.

(Ashley) I don’t know Danny. I don’t feel so good I think I’m just going to go home. Ashley stood up and almost fell, she staggered out of the coffee shop. Marques got up, went to her table, took the napkin, and left. As he followed close behind her, he got a phone call, yea? Did she not show? She did right now I’m just waiting. Ashley walked into a parking garage. Bring the truck around. Marques hung up he followed her all the way to her car and when she unlocked the car she fell out and dropped everything. Marques walked to her when a black truck with tinted windows pulled up next to them Damarcus got out, picked Ashley up and put her in the truck and drove off. Marques picked up her stuff, got in her car, and drove off in the opposite direction. 

(with Ashley) Damarcus parked the car in front of a house, got out and went around and got Ashley out and took her into the house and laid her on the couch. (30 minutes went by) Ashley woke up and when she saw a guy next to her she got up fast. Who are you and where am I? Damarcus and you are? Um, Ashley. How did I get here? My brother brought you here. Why? For our entertainment. Ashley backed away. Damarcus smiled you don’t want to do that. Marques then walked in. He’s right. Ashley looked at him. I’m leaving. Marques grabbed her throat and punched her unconscious. Ashley gained consciousness and found herself in a  damp place chained to a wall. I have to get out of here. Ashley whispered to herself  she stood up and pulled  so hard on the zip ties that her hand started to bleed, Ashley sat down  ripped her shirt and covered her bleeding hand

(upstairs) marques  I need you to go down there and see if she’s awake. Marques stood and went to the basement. (basement)Ashley heard someone coming. She went back to the wall and put her head on her knees. Marques opened the door and walked down the stairs. He looked at Ashley and walked to her and kneeled down in front of her. You ok?  

With her head still down she spoke, I just want to go home.  Are you hungry? Ashley looked at him  No I said I want to go home!  He touched her face, you need to behave. He stood up  I’ll be right back.  No wait can you loosen these, please? Marques looked at her and walked back upstairs. Is she up? Yea. Damarcus stood I will be back and don’t go to the basement. I know how soft you get with these females. Damarcus left, marques then heard banging, stood and walked to the basement door, opened it  (Downstairs)  hello, is anyone there?  Ashley asked Marques walked down. Why are making so much noise?  I don’t want to be here and I have to go to the bathroom. You can hold it. He was about to walk back upstairs. No please! Ashley begged. Marques stopped and walked to her and cut The ties off of her,  thank you. Don’t thank me cause if you try anything I will kill you do you understand? Yes, I do. He leads her upstairs out of the basement to the upstairs bathroom.   Ashley walked into the bathroom and looked back at him. Can I have some privacy? No.  Ashley folded her arms, I can’t with you staring.  Marques looked at his watch, Just go and hurry up. He walked out and closed the door and stood In front of the door. 

Ashley started to search for something sharp, She found a razor and she took the blade out. Hurry up! Marques said from the other side of the door. Ashley rolled her eyes. I’m coming.  Ashley turned on the water and pulled her hair into a bun and put the blade in between her hair. Marques opened the door. Let’s go, he grabbed her arm and led her back to the basement, so you’re the nice brother? Marques ignored her and took her to the same spot and started to put the  4 extra zip ties on her. Ashley continued to talk, so does he call the shots, and with you being his puppet you do what he says? Marques stood up, you should probably shut up. He walked back upstairs and locked the basement door.

Marques sat and watched TV when Damarcus walked in with bags.   Marques looked at him. What’s that? Some stuff for Ashley.  Alright, but we have a meet in 15 . Yea I’m just going to check on her.  Damarcus walked to the basement and went down. Ashley looked at him. Damarcus walked to Ashley and stood in front of her. Ashley looked at the bags, what’s that? Damarcus put the bag down and kneeled.  Do you like your new home? 

Damarcus smiled and touched her face. I’m going to have fun with you. Ashley spit in his face, I hate you. Damarcus smiled, wiped it off and licked his finger, and punched her in the face. Now you’ve lost your clothes privilege. Damarcus took off her heels then he slowly moved his hand up her leg. Ashley moved a little, please don’t.   Damarcus smiled don’t worry, I’m not ready yet. He took off her skirt then took off her shirt and stood. I will be back. He walked upstairs.  Ashley waited till he closed the door and when he did she quickly took the blade from behind her ear and started sawing at the  zip ties 

( Upstairs)  marques did you go to the basement? Yea to check on her why?    Marques, we had an agreement, I have her for a week then you get a week it won’t work if you’re being nice to her. Alright D.(basement)  Ashley gave up and curled into a ball and fell asleep. For weeks Damarcus would beat and rap Ashley nonstop. One night marques walked down to the basement, Ashley was laying down, you OK? Marques asked  No I’m not.  Are you hungry? Ashley looked at him yes but what about the other guy?   Marques looked at her don’t worry about him.

He walked back upstairs to the kitchen Ashley pulled at the ties and finally got out  Ashely then took the clothes damarcus gave her to put them on started to look for something to break the window when she spotted a broke the glass from the door marques heard glass shatter and stopped what he was doing and ran to the basement Ashley crawled quickly out of the window he then shot at her as ran fast into the woods behind the house. marques called his brother.  What happened  Marques?   She’s gone.  (Dial Tone)  marques sat down just then damarcus walked in. What happened?  I was upstairs when I heard the glass shatter but before I got to the basement she was gone. Damarcus sat down. Well, you have to go get another one.  Marques stood Alright I’ll start tomorrow .


The Journey Begins

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